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 How It Works

Step 1
After a $250 registration fee, proof of funds of at least $750,000, and verification of government issued identification, you will have access to our database of donors.

Step 2
Once you decide to proceed, you will have to submit a $10,000 non-refundable payment, which will allow you to choose up to 10 donors for a screening process. Purenetics will assist you in this process and will curate potential matches in addition to giving you access to the entire database. The screening process may include (please note that we will use our best efforts to obtain the following information but cannot guarantee the delivery of any of them):

• 23andMe DNA Test (click here for genetic test reports)
• report
• IQ test
• Review of educational transcripts (high school, college, etc)
• Medical records

Step 3
You will then select a donor that you feel best matches your criteria.

Step 4
We will start the legal process and set up escrow accounts for the donor as well as Purenetics. The fee to the Donor will be $500,000. The fee to Purenetics will be $250,000. The legal fees and the insurance policy for the Donor will be the responsibility of Purenetics. You will be responsible for your own legal fees. You will be responsible for the direct costs of the donation process including any travel costs for the Donor.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Is Purenetics also a fertility clinic?
No. Clients will have to execute agreements and coordinate directly with a fertility clinic. Purenetics is only an agency to help find some of the best donors in the world. The fertility clinic will be responsible for psychological and medical screenings.

What kind of screening is involved for the recipient?
Once the client provides a refundable deposit of $10,000, Purenetics will perform full background checks including credit history and criminal reports. We will also require a brief video-conference interview that should last no more than 15 minutes.

What is involved in a long distance donation?
You will first have to decide whether to use a fertility clinic that is close to you or the donor. If you choose to have the donor travel, you will be expected to pay for all travel and hospitality costs for the donor.

Can I meet the donor?
This will be a negotiated issue. Purenetics will act as a liaison for all such negotiations.

Register as a recipient